5x good morning

A tool kit for a good morning, enjoy.

  1. M x Blouse debut EP Bloom via SoundCloud 
  2. Taurus Super Moon Ritual via The Hood Witch
  3. Tanya Tagaq’s latest video 
  4. How Oakland’s Experimental Music Scene Became Queerer, Browner, and More Femme via BandCamp
  5. Jessica Zollman via The Great Discontent

Dear men,

Dear men: don’t tell me you are a great listener, listen to me & wait for me to tell you. If I do not speak then it wasn’t for you to hear. I want to listen to you listening to me. Be patient, be open, be, just be. Your presence is more precious than your intelligence, your attention is more special than your compliments, your wisdom shines in silence. If you feel powerless give over to the currant, let my words run thru you & change you, don’t flinch or shout, it will be ok, come as you are & accept me as I am.