Heavy heart

There are so many things squirming under the surface dying to be free.

Crawling across my skin and in between my teeth. I sew my jaw shut with promises of a better tomorrow.

Unfetter my heartache latched behind these gaurded smiles. Unfurl my longings to leave these chipping paint day dreams and customary salutations of decline.

I used to be an old rusted out rocket ship lost in space, weightless and unwieldy with nothing to guide me and nowhere to be.

Today I am plummeting to the unfathomable depths of the ocean, my heart heavy in my chest like a stone pulling me ever forward into the unknown. 

Treasure buried alive in my own flesh and bones.



1) the universe, and our beings, are interconnected, derived from the same fountainhead, the expression of life is inherently a creative, vibrant act and must be treated as such

2) continuous evolution is necessary to sustain life at all levels, therefore I must strive to be a better version of myself through quiet contemplation and concious action 

3) loyalty, honesty, and respect are love manifested, holy healing actions for giver and receiver

4)  hardwork and complete dedication to the task at hand derives the purest results through devotion of self to all that is now

5) good food, good drink, good love making, good conversation, and good books are some of the best things you will experience in this life – savour them.