Review number 8: Reasons to be Pretty- Live Five/Fire in the Hole Productions

I wrote a review for the lovely Lauren Allen on her blog Crossing Bridges. If you are a YXE arts patron and not following her already, please check it out now, this blog is so important for our arts community and I’m so pleased to be able to lend a voice to the conversation.

Saskatoon's Theatre Blog

I attended the closing night performance of the Reasons to Be Pretty on Sunday, October 5th. I arrived to the play without being familiar with the text, only going off the loose plot presented in the promotional material and a couple of youtube videos with lots of screaming.

Upon arriving at the theatre, I was struck that the audience seemed to slant more to the grey haired types than anticipated, although there were certainly a fair share of young people in attendance. This contrast was of interest as I usually think of Live Five as the “young peoples theatre”. Once seated, I was initially drawn to the sparse stage, sparse in a concise way, managing to invoke multiple spaces through small shifts in posters and furniture. I’m a sucker for a minimalist stage that does not distract from the action taking place on it, however sometimes it can be tricky…

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