Winter Solstice Holiday Card Sale

Remember to support your friendly local theatre creators this holiday season ❤

Dinner Tables


In honor of the longest night of the year buy 2 cards and receive a 3rd card *free* from now until sunrise December 22nd 9:13 am. Place your order by contacting us here! Free delivery anywhere in Saskatoon.

Made with love in a multi-colored snowflake design using acrylic paint and potato stamps printed on glossy card stock with lots of room to write your own personalized greetings inside.

Cards are $6 each or $35 for 6 cards, except for today when you can get 3 cards for $12 or 6 cards for $24! $1 from every card sold goes to support the Saskatoon Friendship Inn.

Happy Winter Solstice!

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I do not love my work. I am obsessed with it. As is the case in most obsessions it drives me mad. It is not a pleasent experience to be mad, not like a summers day or a hot cup of tea on a stormy night, but a pivotal part all the same. Over time it can be quite taxing on a persons disposition and turn to dark bouts of depression. But the obsession does not stop during these times, no in fact often it drives harder asking more of you then before. When your body is so weak from exhaustion it can barely get our of bed then the light of inspiration strikes and drives you farther on into the nether regions of creativity. The things created from these moments of inglorious weakness are often the pieces that shine most brightly. For when love and pleasent airs leave you there is nothing left to do but create.

“To die, to sleep, to sleep perchance to dream” – Hamlet


Words to live by

My intensity brings me great joy.

I seek the company of people who love me to be inspired

I must be appreciated for my enthusiasm never shamed

My drive for excellence doesn’t stress me out it relaxes me

I hear by give myself license to

Laugh even louder

Sing even stronger

And think even smarter

It’s not cool to be cool

It’s cool to be burning with a white hot lust for life

I am rising to the next octave

I am playing harder than I have ever played before

Words adapted from a 2013 horoscope on this website.


Support Dinner Tables Holiday Card Fundraiser

How do we build community through the act of sharing a meal?

In January I will be embarking on the initial creation lab for a new collectively devised theatre piece Dinner Tables a series of 13 vignettes that take place around various dinner tables. The finished piece will be staged in a local restaurant with the audience invited to join the ensemble and the food community (i.e. grocers, chefs, farmers, food bank workers, etc) for dinner following the performance.

We are selling Holiday Cards to support the development of the production for $6 each or 6 for $35. In addition to supporting the creation of new work we are donating a $1 from every card sold to the Friendship Inn. You can purchase a card from anyone in the ensemble or email us here to place your order.

Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It’s not about nutrients and calories. It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty. It’s about identity” – Louise Frensco

We are committed to creating this project with and for the community, and are looking for community organizations and businesses to partner with to be part of the creative process developing the piece. If you are interested in more information on getting involved in the project please check out our FAQ page here.We look forward to sharing more behind the scenes peaks with you on our blog, and there will be a work-in-progress presentation in the new year after our first lab so stay tuned for more details.

Happy Holidays xo