5x nurture inner nature

Turns out I am thinking about lots of things with lots of links to share. 


  1. The Beginners Guide to Unschooling via Zen Habits – this is the best online description of unschooling I have been able to find it also has a great further reading list at the end for those looking to learn more.
  2. Mood Disorders & Creativity – Johns Hopkins Lecture Series with Dr. Jamieson
  3. How Nature Can Make You Kinder, Happier, More Creative 
  4. The Art of Observation and Why Genius Lies in the Selection of What is Worth Observing via Brain Pickings
  5. I’m a huge fan of the album Flash & Yearn by tooth ache. You can learn more about her on She Does here

6 tracks: feisty femmes

I was asked to pick 6 songs for the “My Music” column in Prairie Dog/Planet S magazine’s June 9th issue. I picked out six tracks by feisty femmes that give me the feelz. The tracks and my notes are below, or I made a Spotify playlist for your streaming pleasure here. You should also pick up a copy of the ‘zine if you are in the land of the living skies because they are great publications that support local artists.


  1. Prairie Girl, Rah Rah (The Poet Is Dead) – a song to fall in love to: this song sounds like running through a field breathing hard, heart pounding too fast with bruised knees from clumsy tumbling.
  2. Smoke Signals, Jane Vain & The Dark Matter (Give Us These Hands) – a song to break up to: this song sounds like a candles black wick after the heat has faded and last wisp of smoke has singed the bone weary aches & pains of missing something that doesn’t exist anymore.
  3. Werkin’ Girl, Angel Haze (New York EP) – a song to get some to: this song sounds like a tiger on payday dangling the carrot off her leather whip.
  4. Eurydice, tooth ache. (Flash & Yearn) – a song to give some to: this song sounds like late night’s first light, warm to the  touch.
  5. Winter Solstice, Cold Specks (I Predict a Graceful Expulsion) – a song to find yourself to: this song sounds like ribs cracking open to reveal buried treasures forgotten by children’s idle hands.
  6. Wall of Gold, Radiation Flowers (self-titled) – a song to get lost to:  this song sounds like sneakers on concrete wandering too close to the edge of the world.