5x sensual silence

It takes me so much longer to put together these lists these days. I’m not in a receptive mood, but I’m not in a creative mood either. I’m oscillating between contemplative practices and social sensory stimulation. Trying to find a way just to exist in the world without coming or going too much. In the course of that here are a few things that have come up for me.

  1. Listen to Mulatu Astatke – New York Addis London (full album) via Broken Trancy Things
  2. What Do Your Sexual Fantasies Say About You? via Slutever
  3. Helmholtz Resonator via the book I’m currently reading Dramturgy of Sound in the Avant-Garde and Postdramatic Theatre
  4. Bob Dylan on Sacrifice, The Unconscious Mind, and How to Create the Perfect Work Environment via Brain Pickings
  5. Inspired by the art work of WITCHORIA revisted on The Hoodwitch

5x aesthetic fetish

I’m still at the lab. It’s still crazy intense. But tonight I feel electric. Vibrating at a higher frequency. Euphoric. Or maybe just manic? We’ve been chatting a lot at the lab about personal aesthetic – what we’re drawn to & why. Aka our fetishes, aka our preferences, aka our choices. That is really what this list is about every week  – a collection of things I’m drawn to at this moment of time. Maybe by sharing them I can seek to understand them/myself better and make them part of my work. Or maybe these are just fun. I don’t know. You decide.


  1. Enchanting new track Stock Neon via Also Also Also
  2. Bjork describes television via fellow labbit and lovely human Breanne Oryschak
  3. Intro: The Diary of a Sugar Baby via Slutever (NSFW)
  4. Fuck Music Let’s Talk About Feelings: Interview with Bethany Cosentenio via Vice one of my favourite musicians interviewed by one of my favourite twitter personas
  5. Finally a two (three?) week old horoscope that embodies my #nofuckboyzone mantra. Maybe this is the reminder you need to hear too? My long-term predictions for the next 15 months are a blend of hopeful optimism and a reasonable interpretation of the astrological omens. Here we go: 1. You will have an excellent chance to smooth and soothe the rough spots in your romantic karma. 2. You will outgrow any addiction you might have to frustrating connections. 3. Unrequited love will either be requited, or else you’ll become bored with the futile chase and move on. 4. You’ll be challenged to either refresh and reinvent an existing intimacy, or else get shrewd enough not to repeat past mistakes in a new intimacy. 5. You will have an abundance of good ideas about how to install the theme of smart fun at the heart of your strongest alliances. Via Free Will Astrology  

5x what the hell am I doing

I didn’t really put any thought this week into a 5x list. I had thought at one point this list would be easy to fill with snippets of things that I’ve looked over for the Dinner Tables project which will be presenting on Monday, and although it is certainly filling all of my sleepless nights (eight day anxiety attacks are so much fun in case you were wondering) I of course can’t find (don’t have time) a single link that informed the process. So instead I’ve put together a mad person’s list of things that are reeling through my  brain lately quite unrelated to the project. If you can not tell I am a wreck these days, an utter wreck, and I apologize profusely to those that have had to deal with me. Read with a tall glass of gin in the bath if you love yourself a lot.


  1. Life Skills: What To Do If Someone Is Crying In Public via Rookie – side note I would love to see someone write the same article for what to do if you witness domestic abuse on the street as I’ve been on both sides of that exchange and I still have no clue what an appropriate response would be.
  2. Maya Angelou recites her poem “Phenomenal Woman” via Brain Pickings
  3. To The Girl Who Wanted All or Nothing via Artparasites
  4. Sister Blanche – When Drugs Become a Cult via Weird Canada
  5. Breathless: Is Having Feelings Embarassing? via Vouge – in my limited experience yes always and that’s half the fun