5x flourish

1) no object, (of a person, animal, or other living organism) grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of favorable environment.
2) with object, (of a person) wave (something) around to attract the attention of others.
1) a bold or extravagant gesture or action, made especially to attract the attention of others
2) an ornate musical passage

I really love this word. Actors will be familiar with verbing, which tbh I hate as a creative practice but am not afraid to utilize with relish in my personal life. This is a word I wrote on my bathroom mirror. This is a word I doodle in the margins with flowers and butterflies. This is a word that motivates me to get up in the morning. It is indulgent, it is healthy, it is ornate, it is bold, it is joyful, it is vigorous, it develops, and it attracts. There is something delicious & lush about it. This will be my last 5x list in a while, I’m taking a break to go flourish. These are a few links of things I’ve been considering lately, I hope that they enrich and go to seed in your mind too.


    1. Chai Chats: Episode 6 – Essentail Self Part 2 there is so much here that I am in love with these women are full of truth bombs and vibrating on another frequency. Also worth listening to Part 1 but not necessary to dive in with Part 2.
    2. For Women ‘Who Are Difficult To Love’ via Everyday Feminism
    3. Doomsquad picked out some Canadian gems of emerging female electronic talent via Clash
    4. Interview with Evie Ruddy via Kindred Cities
    5. We Need to Talk: Sexual Harassment in the Art World via AKA Artist Run Centre – this is a really touching collection of first hand accounts (not in a explicit way) of what it’s like to navigate that grey space of sexual harassment when your work place might also be your social place. I really dig this quote from Xenia Benivolski “Sometimes it feels like if I said nothing, I could just be like them, with all their liberties, but that’s false.”
    6. Bonus round, I’m obsessed with the new Anna Wise EP The Feminine: Act 1

5x burn out

I am managing some code orange burn out after a more than hectic month which means I’m being extra mindful of what I spend my energy on. Unlike in the fall, the managing is actually going really well! I am finding time & energy to do the things that matter to me, and not killing my body in the process, but it means I don’t have much to share with you in the way of writing this week, so I hope you will accept this reading list instead of new material. If you are in Saskatoon you can come visit me at Short Cuts this weekend and I would be more than happy to fill you in on what’s next, otherwise stay tuned for new projects in May. Find somewhere to put your feet up and let your mind wander through these links.


  1. LSD’s Impact on the Brain Revealed in Groundbreaking Images via The Guardian
  2. Kierkegaard on Anxiety and Creativity via Brain Pickings
  3. Social Delicacies by Chunder Buffet via Bandcamp
  4. Episode 29 Aaron Scholz interviews Janet Scholz via Weirdo Magnets
  5. Sylvia Plath’s Drawings via Bust