5x + Dinner Tables Interview Tonight!

This week’s list is pretty chill. I’ve been on holidays, so I’ve been trying to clear my head rather than fill it. Here is a snapshot of my trip to Calgary, but it also includes a bit of shameless self promotion for what I’m going to be obsessed with for the next month.


  1. Jared Beattie and I had breakfast with Kate Herriot this morning to discuss our upcoming project Dinner Tables for her show Mom I’m a Thespian: tune into CFCR 90.5 or listen online here tonight at 7:00 pm CST, or available as a podcast online sometime after that.
  2. Josiah and I are big fans of The Dudes, on the way up he asked if we would get to see them while in Calgary, and I said probably not because he isn’t old enought to get into bars but that I would have a beer with them for him, and by divine luck I did! This is our classic roadtrip track Do The Right Thing
  3. You may have noticed on Instagram that I am reading Savage Beauty the biography of Edna St. Vincent Millay, and i highly reccomend you go pick up a copy, Nancy Milford does a stunning job. Meanwhile you can read Vincent’s poems Bluebeard, The Renascence, and this little gem First Fig.
  4. The Metric concert was fire in everyway. The first concert I haven’t had an anxiety attack at or need to drink to cope since October. Emily Haines is an inspiration. Relive the magic with this stunner The Shade
  5. I am planning a suprise performance in April that has me deeply considering Aldous Huxley on Sincerity, Our Fear of the Obvious, and the Two Types of Truth Artists Must Reconcile via Brain Pickings

Monday Morning Sounds Like

Monday inspiration from these goddesses:

Okkyung Lee


The Daughters of Violence

Savannah Brown