5x (come)immunity

Here are a few things that have rolled across my consciousness lately. I’m spending more time in quiet reflection than reading or writing these days. I am practicing being fully present. Listening to what is around me. Learning from what is there. It’s an inwardly reflecting period, so I don’t have as much to share here. I’m working on the poety & other small miracles still. Enjoy

  1. Color Schemes new track by my pal Eden
  2. In Defense of the Wastelands by Erica Violet Lee
  3. Arlissa on Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie
  4. Anil Dash on Tech’s Moral Reckoning via On Being
  5. Date night idea making this while listening to Miranda Krogstad recite her Ode to Pasta

5x better late than dead

I’ve been so absorbed in the One Yellow Rabbit Summer Intensive I haven’t been online all that much. If I could bottle the inspiring energy in the room for you I would, but it’s rather difficult for me to capture right now. You will have to settle for a few odd ball links to satisfy your Sunday contemplation. Just as good to start your Monday with as well.


  1. George Orwell’s 11 steps to prepare a proper cup of tea (what you really need on a grey rainy Sunday) via Brain Pickings
  2. The consequences & benefits of extreme honesty via Eden Rohatensky
  3. Anna & Elizabeth tiny desk concert via NPR
  4. A conversation with Jane Jacobs via Brick
  5. Zero degrees – Akram Khan and Sidi Larbi via One Yellow Rabbit