5x body of/in work

You may have noticed that I have taken a break from publishing these lists every week. In short, it’s summer, and I’m tired. However as I re-entered the studio this week to continue work on Dear Devotion a couple of these links really jumped out at me, so I wanted to share. I’m more interested in sharing the work than the links at this time, so I make no promises how regularly I will post these lists. For now, here are some pieces I am reflecting on in my body of/in work.


  1. Creepy Ghost tunes by mass marriage via Weird Canada
  2. Hacking the Canon via Canadian Art
  3. Stop Treating Emotions Like Character Flaws of the Powerless via The Establishment
  4. Diva in Full Swing via Howl Round
  5. Am I A Dancer Who Gave Up? via the wonderful Alicia Ward

Kindred Cities

Photo credit: Jennifer Sparrowhawk, Kindred Cities

Thank you Jennifer Sparrowhawk for having me on the Kindred Cities blog today. I had so much fun hanging out and taking such lovely photos. 
You can read my interview over on Kindred Cities here. I also recommend digging through the archives there are so many great portraits on there always an inspiration.

Photo credits: Jennifer Sparrowhawk, Kindred Cities