The Canadian Theatre is a Lameass Bourgeois Snooze


Daniel Karasik

karl-marx-peaceSo I pitched The Walrus magazine and was assigned in April to write this essay (below) about the Canadian theatre’s sanctimonious bullshit liberalism, but it turns out The Walrus‘s freelance labour practices are high-handed and exploitative, i.e. partake of the same liberal motherfuckery I was writing about. After six (6) months of missed deadlines and serial ghosting on my editor’s part, after I thrice (3ice) tried to withdraw the piece and was told the magazine still wanted it for its website—but wouldn’t commit to any timeline for editing, publication, and payment—I made a very funny joke about telling my editor to fuck off, and that, for some reason, was taken more seriously than any of my polite follow-ups over the preceding half-year had been. The world is full of wonders.

I now present the piece on my Website, locus of my Personal Brand. You may Ignore it, or…

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