I’m lying in my bed, sick as a dog, thinking of how to get better. Dreaming  of all the things I’ve left unsaid I awoke with a frog in my throat several days ago. A suppressed immune system & overactive nervous system. My body is setting its own rhythm as seasons change. Unable to speak, a mandatory period of bed rest & reflection at the start of a voluntarily sober September. This is what I am musing on in my sick bed.


  1. Hunger Makes Me via my dear friend Charlie Peters, a poignant reflection on female appetite 
  2. For Men* Who Desperately Need Autonmy via Nora Samaran
  3. Legendary Ballerina Sylvie Gulliem Performs Sacred Monster via the lovely Ann Connors
  4. Dr. Gabor Mate – How Stress Causes Disease a talk from his research for When The Body Says No which I have been thinking about as my immune system & nervous system go haywire 
  5. The Real Reason Women Drink via my charming friend Sarah Etter

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