Sunday Report Card


  • 3 hr band jam, 2 new songs
  • 3 hr rehearsal Dear Devotion
  • 3 hr writing for blog & new mystery project
  • Finished reading Girls to the Front by Sara Marcus 
  • Watched a lot of bad Netflix: Mean Girls, Superbad, Pokemon, Star Trek
  • Signed on to new mystery project for the fall, started conceptualizing 
  • Went to Long & McQuade to check out gear
  • Saw two rock shows (4 bands – all dudes no women)
  • Went to one art opening (3 dudes, 1 woman)
  • Reading a lot of blogs (links to follow in 5x) mostly by women
  • Fire on the beach saw meteor shower
  • Practiced cat yoga, oblique stratagizing, non-judgement, respectful boundaries & standing up for myself, positive self talk, mindful walking, mindful spending, self love.


  • Same finance anxiety, although over all less intensely


It was a good week, felt productive without being stressful, nothing earth shattering just diligent. Pretty low key in a end of summer kind of way.

Intention for next week:

  • Meeting for new project
  • Learn a tab on bass
  • Find objects to play with for Dear Devotion
  • Troubleshoot emotional vulnerability in creation
  • Touch base with venue for Alt Alt & make announcement
  • Write more poetry & start essay
  • More yoga & meditation daily
  • Get new journals
  • Pay bills, clean house, take care of business

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