Sunday progress report

  • Worked out 6 month funding timeline for projects
  • Began looking at scheduling for Dinner Tables
  • Met with Charlie to discuss Embrace Theatre plans
  • 2 hr band practice, completed one song
  • 1 hr rehearsal for Dear Devotion
  • Create working plan for Dear Devotion rehearsals in August
  • Cleaned house
  • 2 volunteer shifts at the Fringe
  • Saw 3 fringe plays, 1 punk show, finished Jane Jacobs: The Last Interview, listened to CYG podcast, watched Mean Girls, Star Trek, X Files, Stranger Things
  • Practiced bass, cat yoga, mindful walking, seated meditation, flow yoga, non-judgement, positive affirmations, poetry

Challenges of the week:

  • Persistent anxiety mixed with everyday apathy
  • Distracted by heat
  • Poor meal choices & bad sleep habits

Overall: made good progress in spite of (because of?) pervasive anxiety & self destructive thought patterns. Was (mostly) able to channel excessive restless energy into constructive possibilities. 

Studies for next week:

  • Working with recorded text for Dear Devotion development
  • Break Dear Devotion studies into 6 parts
  • Learning scales on bass
  • Get new journals to write
  • Practice mindful speech, non-judgement, cat yoga, seated meditation, mindful walking, conscientious eating 

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