5x emotional weather

I’m not ready to write a heart felt post about the weekend, or the last few weeks, or about the hearts I miss, or about what’s next. I’m not ready to process everything that happened in the last three weeks. All the punctums, all the generosity, all the bravery, all the inspiration, all of the lingering questions. I’m not ready to admit it’s over and transition back into the daily grind. Today is caught between two worlds, and I am balanced precariously between as are my pots & pans catching stray rain water seeping through the roof of my cozy attic. It is already starting to feel like something happened not something that is happening. As Harold & I hunker in for the storm I collect my thoughts like rain drops carelessly trespassing on my little corner of the world.


  1. iamiamwhoami via fellow labbit Andrew Barrett
  2. How to Hone Your Creative Routine and Master the Pace of Productivity via Brain Pickings
  3. Love is Traumatic via Chai Chats Podcast
  4. Cie Mossoux Bonté via fellow labbit Neil Cadger
  5. Water, Consciousness, and Intent inspired by fellow labbit Laurel Green

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