On the patio

Skin pricked heat filled dreams

Sticky thigh slap, seat smacks

Satisfying crack as you rise to

Open bottle cap, lean heavy 

‘Gainst slippery neck

Cold dew in palm slides down

Drip drip drip

Cap flies thru air

Flip flip flip

Daft fizzle hit back of your throat

Lips grope, foam rush over rim

Hops flavoured laughter soak your

Kiss teased smile, crows feeted,

Wave tossed locks, skirt pleated,

Skeezy eyed, dizzy ride,

Whirligig pitter pat, 

Pop goes plastic umbrella ice cube sanctuary

Sun sank back of lid, commentary

On a caterwauling fizz fest

Undressed night

Slips comfortable, lulling 

Between initiated & implied

Salty promises wrap sun caked bones, 

liberated lips loosen, sharp sigh,

Dreams empty breezy laid thighs


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