They gathered in secret and exclaimed on point, she shook as she embraced each one there to nourish her, sister queen over the presiding, brother messenger with death at his heel, two witches, an old friend, an old lover, a new lover, and a soon to be lover, a mother & child, a creature that can not be named, a fluid being of light, and a couple in love, a private ceremony of glittering revelries, channeling light from a distant moon, dancing underground, golden lights dim sparkle under her eyes, arms wrapped in unknown symbols lovingly painted in blackest night, glowing war paint in pink rose blossom, her nails glitter like black  beetles as she plucks the sodden fruit and places it on her tongue, under the stars smoke trails drunk on too much wine and love, she rises above holding court in kitchen laughing through the open window, day breaks, adventure begins, wandering along abandoned shores, following trails of secrets like egg shells, delicate footsteps, new promise, cozy wrapped together in first light, pink and purple nymphs dance on the water, skin turning green, future tense lurking in past memories, questions that can not be answered, butterflies metamorphsizing under the skin, a long walk home, creating order, gathering, preparing, the tea is poured, a nest for two, time stops as lovers unfold, a sea of rhythm, an orchestra of trust, waves of warmth, connected heart strings pluck a new tune, a poem cries out from the bed posts, full of vigor, compassion, and daring, blue sky blossoms over head, transported to a grassy valley in the shade, a tune drifts from under tree, bard recite familiar wrote, cherries stain cheeks & lips, Ferris wheels & tight rope walkers, wry mothers wit, teasing buzzing bugs, close my eyes on this grassy hill, a moment of calm in the process of rebirth.


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