Surprise Spit

I had an awful date last night and came home three martini drunk and annoyed, so I freestyle spit this poem which you may have seen here earlier. I’ve been practicing in the shower to do a more polished version possibly with a sick beat on my new bass, but whatever this one captures the essence of the poem even if it’s messy and slurred. It’s up on Soundcloud because YOLO.


3 thoughts on “Surprise Spit

  1. And another thing 🙂 (gotta love those words)… You deserve great dates, not awful dates, because you’re pretty much totally amazing. Whoever this was is going to remember your date (much to their chagrin) when you receive the Nobel in literature. Which is to say, you’re that good! And not a bit less.


    • Thank you for your kind words Paul, as always your enthusiasm burns sweet humility into my cheeks. I’m sure he was quite aware that I was “pretty much totally amazing” to use your words 😉 unfortunately he was also a frightful bore, expected a cookie for basic human decency, and revealed that he did not know how to take no for an answer when I informed him there simply would be no more dates. It is so tedious to have to reassert oneself politely repeatedly over what should be an obvious detail – we simply have no chemistry. Ah well, he did pick up the tab at least!

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