I just don’t have any more love to give you tonight my sweet — I’m tired. I’m weary in my bones from walking all these miles trying to understand what you have to offer me. Chasing after each new hope horizon. I want love to come to me now. I want to be loved where I am in all the places I know well. Where I don’t need to look at a map to find my way home. Where the barista knows my face. Where my cozy slippers live. Where my name is written on the inside of the cover. Let me show you my new favourites and old stand bys. Gems I’ve been hiding for nearly twenty-five years hoping they would crystallize into shining beacons to signal love home. A love letter scrawled in starlight across my shoulder blades. You need to stand close to me to read it, but you’re always running away. I’m too tired to play games tonight, my love. Dazzle someone else with your parlour tricky eyes. I am not seeking anymore. I wish only to be found. 


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