. . .

Sometimes all your dearest ones leave you in one fell swoop, seeking adventures over seas & abroad, no tragic accident or sudden rift, just life’s currents with your love buoyed in the undertow. 

Is there a word for I am glad to see you go but I miss you terribly? I experience it in the way I don’t know what to do with my face anymore, should I laugh or sigh? Does it matter with out you here to hear it? Crossing and uncrossing my legs, hands, mind. 

It is now that I realize how much of my weary heart you have carried for me when the burden of these sleepless nights became too intolerable. In my solitary room I must figure how to fix these pieces up again without your helping hands. I wonder what pieces of you are lonely now, or is it still too early to tell?

Do not mistake my foolish sighing as though I miss you too terribly already. That will come. I have not really felt your absence yet, but still everywhere I turn there you aren’t. A soul disturbed by a window left open to collect your cool morning breeze suddenly perturbed by the stark stillness pre-dawn. Expectant. Waiting. Not for your return but for my own soul’s back to me.


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