Party girl cypher

Have you ever felt like a consumable object? 

Best before date stamped across your forehead?

Bar code measuring your shelf life?

Bartering for the air you breathe in your pound of fleash?

Hungry eyes chanting, she’s young, she’s fresh!

 I want a piece of her.

I want a piece of you too see?

I want the pieces of you that you gaurd on lock & key, the satisfaction never granted me.

Disposable crass plastic. 

Crack the surface and I’m too much to handle, 

But oh how I want you to want me 

for more than a display over your mantle.

You only want the parts of me easy to screen capture.

Swipe thru me like a credit card,

Right for the night if you can stay hard.

Purchase my time & energy on bad credit,

At least if you are going to insufulate me I should get paid for it.

Commodify my starry eyed wonder.

Categorize my naïveté for your plunder.

Capitalize on my beating heart torn sunder.

Good enough to fuck but not to hold onto.

Slut, whore, cock-tease, bitch.

Doesn’t matter what you label me

I’m still manufactured in the same factory.

I am an immaterial girl

better unseen rather than heard

Because sharing & caring is dangerous to the free market.

Censor my feelings but

Don’t forget to smile!

 Caught on camera

This shot might be my last

So chase it with something frivolous 


Spit it out like a prayer

But I will be the one burning after the credits role.

Hock my happy ending

In exchange for a chance to sell my stock before crash landing.

Down to fuck up tonight like my heart is a landfill.

Wasted on party tricks & cheap thrills.

Nose pressed to the glass of the display model

Catch a glimpse of the latest limited time special 

Offer me your

Bargin bin butterflies

Discount dreams and 

Convinent convictions.

Keep the receipt and you can take me back in the morning.


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