A game

Someone tagged me in one of those games and I’m sharing it here with you because I’m drunk and bored in my hotel room.

1. I grew up in Caswell Hill
2. I’ve never spent a day in public school – unschooled k thru 12
3. I’ve never swam in the ocean
4. Bethany is the town before Bethlehem that told Mary to keep walking
5. I’ve attempted to play the piano, violin, and guitar in that order and am still successfully musicless
6. My first kiss was under the broadway bridge
7. I’ve published two books of poetry independently
8. I attended university from ages 16 to 18 before dropping out
9. The first time I took mushrooms I thought I crawled inside my own womb
10. I have created and produced 4.5 theatre pieces
11. I never learned to ride a bicycle or swim passably
12. At my first job I was told I could wear a low cut top because I have a nice rack but not jeans because that was unprofessional 

13. I have three siblings
14. I’m afraid of heights and abandonment
15. I received three grants as an independent artist in the last calendar year
16. My great grandmother was plains Cree but I have no information about her because she signed away her rights to marry my great grandfather and that’s the only record we have 

17. I thought I was engaged once
18. I talk aloud to myself when I’m walking
19. I never thought my parents were good for each other
20. I am turning 25 this year and at one point I believed I would kill myself long before that

If you want to play along consider yourself tagged, but remember to tag back to me so I can read along xo


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