The snake who swallows her own tale

“If this love is only fleeting” she laughed “then I want to immortalize this feeling”!

Sucking the sticky ripe juices off of her fingers she dangled her heart precariously between her thighs on a white gold chain. 

Useless metaphorical organ. What care had she for sentimental affliction when there was such lust for life to tangle with?

“I must be careful how I immortalize you though” she whispered, eyes gleaming in the moonlight. “Build The Beloved into a shrine and surely end by sacrificing myself on the alter”. 

As she reminisced plucking the edge of the sacrificial blade  sumptuously a cool breeze collected at her feet.

The reckless recluse lay helpless and bare in the hot summers eve. Afraid to move lest she accidentally squeeze him to death under her heavy eyelids. 

She lapped up his harsh sincerity lavishly while her gold scales unfurled her longing one drop at a time.

They lay together thus ensnared in unending midnight as a snake who swallows her own tale. Bewitched by love eternal; the self sacrificing goddess.


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