Farewell Victoria bridge 

Sick to my stomach the whole house shook; brutally violated by the aggressively passing sands of time. A new chapter forced into my hands, the reverberation of over ten decades collapsing in my skull. History is being eradicated and we’re all going down with it. Day breaks on new scar tissue in the heart of Saskatoon.

victoria bridge photo by Bryn Giroux

photo by Bryn Giroux


One thought on “Farewell Victoria bridge 

  1. Z says:

    Scar tissue that you never saw, imprisoned in “listen”, “I told you”, and jaws
    Drop at the thought of it being replaced
    Soft wood kindling good thing the fire fought for a space
    Next to your heart where I slept from the start
    and now creep crawl and crept from the theft of our art
    Part the pages find the place where your traces were wasted
    I tasted your scent on the wind but escape with
    A lingering memory of tentative feeling
    The sentiments sealing, impending congealing, and spending the rest of my days dazed and reeling

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