She Does Review

“You just keep the bad things away from your project. That’s what a director does. All the great things that happen aren’t really because of you, but if the bad things creep in that’s your fault. If something doesn’t feel right don’t let it slip through the cracks, even if other people are saying “it’s fine, it’s fine” you are the one that has to say “no it’s not” – Kat Cizek on her role as a director.

Discovering She Does has been a huge inspiration for me in the last week or so. To be honest, I’ve been staring into the abyss a lot lately, spelunking to some pretty dark places, and doing some intense creative soul searching. It’s easy to get bogged down, so I turned to my friends who recommended a bunch of blogs and podcasts to check out that deal with creative process and big ideas.

This one is by far my favourite. Possibly my favourite new media discovery this year.

At first I wasn’t sure how relevant the series would be to me as an artist that primarily works in live performance where as many of the guests largely work in tech and film. Each of the thirteen guests they have on the show has given me at least one extremely valuable nugget to take back to my personal practice, and not to mention just the general validation of hearing from other women working in a male dominated industry that say “yes it can be challenging, but it’s also very worth it.”

I highly recommend you check it out on stitcher or itunes if you are in search of some new inspiration yourself. My favourite episodes are: #4 How to Skin a Squirrel with Debra Granik the director of Winter’s Bone talking about her process for shooting fiction and documentary that respects the people within your story; #10 Always Talk to Strangers with Bianca Giaever who I relate to the most as another young artist she chats about story telling, meeting strangers, and figuring things out as you go; #8 Either You Fall or You Ride with Hanna Polak who offered some great insight into working on passion projects that have a massive scale; #11 Kat Cizek whom I quoted above that has worked for NFB and told stories across many different platforms while maintaining a community, activist focus.

Let me know in the comments which episode is your favourite, or if you have another podcast or blog about creative process you would recommend.


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