Work habits

  • Meditation/introspection start and end of day
  • Tea first thing
  • Stretch and move my body and lungs at the start of the day
  • Spend time in the moment upon wake up
  • Record dreams in greatest detail possible
  • Limit social media and email in the morning
  • Always take the time to look great, life is too short to not be fabulous 
  • Walk to work whenever possible, making peace with the elements brings great calm
  • Coffee only after fed and mind is awake and active
  • Limit mindless media for special occasions and rewards
  • Read before bed, at lunch, after work. Write in the morning and before bed.
  • Ideal bedtime is between 10 and 11 on week nights 
  • Warming up as a group is essential
  • Remember to check in with yourself and your group
  • Active listening to the room as well as the speaker
  • Work with what you have and where you are at today
  • Work the body hard to out smart the mind
  • Do too many things at once, make mistakes, how happy accidents are born
  • Be mindful of downtime
  • Cultivate healthier habits in the work
  • Practice self care outside of the work
  • Dedicate work space outside of home space or public space
  • Pause to reflect often
  • Take lots of notes
  • Privacy is essential to my process
  • Trust is necessary at all levels
  • Give myself room to break the rules
  • Engage with the world outside of the theatre as much as possible
  • Be inspired by everyday things
  • Practice mental distractions to prevent unecessary worry
  • Everything is part of the work
  • I’m going to hate myself and my work sometimes and that is ok, show up and do the work anyway
  • Be a shit disturber. Prevent static energy through static routine
  • Research everything, you never know when it might come in handy
  • Be able to throw out good ideas that aren’t working. Accept the evolution of things as natural part of development.
  • Dream in technicolor blueprints
  • Pay attention to the small things asking for your attention
  • Meet people where they are at
  • Ask unruly questions
  • Unpack tidy answers
  • Be concious of creating safe spaces for those with less of a voice
  • Follow the fascinating thing
  • Value what is important
  • Foster a culture of change
  • Take an active role in the design of your life and work
  • Start a fight. Be unapologetically outspoken. 
  • Speak truthfully; act truthfully; live truthfully
  • Have a goal, know my purpose
  • Stay involved through the entire process, delegate often, work communally 
  • Surround myself with people that inspire me to aim higher
  • Feel new things
  • Think larger
  • Play out of my league
  • Ask the tough questions 
  • Lift others up and be the champion of each other’s work, there are enough detractors
  • Leave room for other perspectives
  • Don’t be boring
  • Make bold choices

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