When you’re working on a different problem and stumble across the truth to a forgotten question, or the most wonderful feeling in the world.
Moments like these affirm that there is always a part of me seeking my higher purpose. All I need to be is ready to receive when the time comes.

Today I discovered a part of myself that I have oft visited, now changed under the light of new perspective. Like an old friend who suddenly sings you a song from childhood long eroded from passing time to sound entirely foreign and strange to grown up ears.

Dear Devotion is the piece I am most passionate about creating. I have sat with it for many years gestating and fermenting. Every day I take it out and turn it over gently examining it from all angles. Is it ready yet? Is it time to share you with the wild and insidious world? Not yet she whispers. Let me dream a while longer in your arms to smell of lilacs and rain. For once I leave this hallowed place there is no growing backwards. The world is an all consuming place they will swallow me hole and their will be nothing left for you and I to savour in our private glory. Let me germinate a while longer that I might creep through the valleys of your unchartered mind and find new unexpected haunts to lay down our roots. 

It is not time yet my love. 


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