Morose texts from last night

Everyone dies; truth is lived in the moment.

Love is what happens while you are waiting around to die.

I want to love everyone but just for a little bit. Your five minutes are up.

Good and bad are mute points; it’s all the same shade of bleak on the greyscale.

I’ve had enough hair of the dog this week; I would be better off moving to China and eating the whole god damn thing.

Feel sorry for the children; they all grow up to be fuck ups in some bodies eyes. (Maybe yours?)

When I return I’m never going back.

Make more art. Burn the shitty stuff to stay warm. Repeat until masterpiece achieved.

Ain’t nobody got time to fix their make up for their mug shot.

Run the risk of trying too hard rather than dying bored. It’s only a failure in retrospect.

I write my memoirs starting at the end; one day I will catch up with where this story is going.

Tragedy gives weight to the most frivolous of moments. Laughter brings ease to the most dire of circumstances. Everything in excess.


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