Dear devotion: thoughts

I have a question that has been eating me alive with this project: is it too personal?
At what point is a piece merely public masturbation for the artist? How do you determine if these ideas are valuable to the wider community? How much self are you allowed to have in a piece as an artist before it becomes irrelevant introspection and therapy?
I’m not sure I have the answer yet.
All I can say is the more time I spend contemplating this piece the more “about me” it seems to become and the more terrified I am to do it.
But what is an artist with out a voice? How would I expect to give shape to the piece with out a perspective? Why am I afraid to be seen in my work?
These are the hardest questions I face creating the piece so far, and some days I fear they will choke out the actual work like a weed.
This is my process I have to accept. Question everything. Try something small. Tear it apart. And build it bigger. Question everything again.
To love your work is to burn it.
To love your work is to be consumed by it.
Sometimes I think to love your work is to be tortured by it.


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