The beginning: Dinner Tables

I am writing a play called Dinner Tables.
I have one shot to hash out a rough draft in 24 hours, and by golly I am gonna do it.
The play will be a series of vignettes (12 or so) that feature different scenes that take place over dinner.
Sharing a meal forms such a central part of so many aspects of our lives it is the perfect window into family life, power dynamics, social norms, politics, faith, culture, it all happens around a dinner table.
The final play will take place in a restaurant with the audience seated at their own dinner tables. Together they will watch the show then afterwards break bread together to discuss.
I’ve been sitting on this idea for over six months and I thought it was bloody well time to hash something out.
Thus enters the 24 hour playwriting competition. The perfect event to kick my ass into gear.
Follow my Instagram for lots of deranged writing posts over the weekend, and come out to the underground cafe Sunday for the final reveal of the winning plays.


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