New idea

I’ve been toying around with the idea of creating art spaces. Art exhibits that are physical spaces that you experience immersively. Where the lines between performer and audience are blurred and we all become voyagers together on this journey through the piece.

I am interested in playing with the boundaries between public and private. Who we are on the inside versus the outside, and what that does to how we relate to each other and our physical world.

My latest idea along these lines is to build a public installation piece. On one end of the piece would be a pay phone confessional where people could step off the street to whisper or shout their secrets into the receiver. On the other end would be the “operator” who perhaps would be in a gallery space or another public space far removed. They would have a receiver only with the listening capabilities intact. Like a tin can and twine phone there role would be to receive these secrets. To respond to them internally. And to write anonymous pieces of advice, reactions, impressions, drawings on the wall in publicaly private bit of graffiti.

This idea is still very rough and unformed so don’t steal it, and in return I will let you know how it develops so that you can watch the creative process in action start to finish.

We need each other in our own private ways.


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